Earth Day Spirit Week - Color Our Earth with Kindness

Mon, 03/25/2019 - 8:55am

The week after spring break is a special week at school. When we return from break, it will be AES Earth Day Week.  This year’s theme for Earth Day Week is “Color Our Earth with Kindness.”  Together, the 5th grade Green Ambassadors and the AES Green Team have come up with a different focus for each day on how to be kind to our Earth, which includes something different to wear to school each day of the week as well!

When we return from break on Tuesday, it will be Wear Blue, Save Water, too Day.  Students will learn about water conservation, and we’ll wear a sea of blue to promote clean & plentiful water.

Wednesday will be Wastefree Wednesday.  We will focus on the 3 R’s – Reducing, reusing and recycling, and of course, we’ll all wear GREEN!

Thursday will be Be Bright; Turn Out the Light Day. Students will learn about energy conservation, and since we’ll try to save as much energy as possible, be sure to wear something really bright to light up our school without using energy!

Friday we will promote the importance of planting trees and native plants.  Friday is Color the Earth DayWear as many colors of the rainbow as you can – and throw on a hat, too, because…why not?

Start looking through your closet today so you’re all ready for AES Earth Day Week when you return from spring break. We can’t wait to celebrate by Coloring Our Earth with Kindness!