Atholton Elementary School Book Club

Wed, 02/23/2022 - 2:55pm

 Dear  Parents/Guardians,                                                                            


    The Atholton Elementary School Book Club gives families a meaningful way to recognize students on their birthdays and contribute to the AES media center collection. Each donated book will have a bookplate that includes your child’s name, birthday and the donor’s name. The book will be presented during media class and your student will be the first person to borrow the book. These gifts create a lasting tribute and give our students a great sense of pride when they see the inscription inside the front cover.


      If you would like to make a contribution to honor your child, please complete the form below and return it to the front office with a check made out to AES PTA. A donation of $15.00 allows us to select quality books. Please assist us by printing information accurately and completely. Please send in your request by Mar 10, 2022 to allow processing time. Books will be presented as soon as they are purchased and processed. Contact Mrs.Veihmeyer with any questions .


Sincerely ,

Mrs. Veihmeyer, Library Media Teacher            or 410.313.6853        


This is the format for the bookplate. Please fill in the blanks.



                               Student Name


         On his /her ___________________birthday 

                                       (ex:10th )



                                 Month /date 



                   Names of donors (ex: Mom and Dad)


Student name ____________________________________ Grade /Teacher _______________


Parent email _______________________________________


Please check your preference .Requests will be honored as closely as possible.


Picture book ___      Chapter book___      Nonfiction ____     Subject ________


          Series ____  Author or Illustrator ______



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Check number?date rec_________      Book Ordered ___________ Book arrived _____


Bookplate Complete ________Book presented__________