Bike/Walk to School Day

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 1:44pm

Bike to School Day is Wednesday, May 9th and all AES students, parents and staff are invited to strap on your helmets, raise your kickstands, and join in the fun.  Last year we had about 60 students and parents ride their bike to school.  Let’s beat that number this year.  How many bikes can we get to school at the same time?

If you are interested in biking to school, but uncertain about how to do it safely we can help:


You MUST wear a good fitting helmet to ride. To check: while your helmet is on and buckled, shake and nod your head. It should cover your forehead and only minimally move. Brightly colored clothes are also recommended.

Please check tire pressure and brakes before coming.

Students should stay between the lead and end adults at all times.We will have at least two adult escort bikes with each riding group. Parents of students are encouraged to join the ride and help us increase the adult to student ratio. We are hopeful that Howard County’s Police Bike Patrol will join us.

Routes were chosen to be as safe as possible, minimize elevation while serving our school walker zone. We will be riding on the paths, bike lanes, and right-hand side of the roads. We will not be riding on sidewalks except where necessary to join to paths. If you have not ridden to school before, build your confidence with a practice run over the weekend!

We will do a return ride in the afternoon leaving about 10min after school dismissal, returning to our morning starting point. Let us know in the morning if you will be returning with us in the afternoon. Return riders will meet at the paint circle near the school.

From North of AES:   Meet at Carlinda x Evergreen at 8:20 sharp.   

From South of AES:  Meet at Cape Anne x S. Carlinda at 8:30 sharp. 

Concerns or questions? Contact April Cropper at or 443-745-0739.

Get ready to pedal your way to school!  We will take a group photo at 9am.