Inclement Weather Drop and Go

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 9:37am

Dear Atholton Families,
At this time, our area appears to be out of the National Hurricane Center forecasted cone of uncertainty (area where storm could potentially impact); however, though the worst of the storm will remain well to our south, we may still see some effects from the storm. To that end, please see the inclement weather Drop and Go service we provide below:

Inclement Weather Drop and Go
On inclement weather days we offer Drop and Go in front of the school beginning (bus loop only) at 8:50. The bus loop is open for cars from 8:50 to 9:00 and reopens at 9:10, or after the buses have dropped off students. Families that choose to park at Atholton Park and walk up to the school may enter the building at 8:50 through the back entrance.  On these days we have staff available to supervise students beginning at 8:50.

Inclement Weather Days Include:

  •     Heavy precipitation
  •     Icy/Snowy path from the Atholton Park to the back of the school
  •     Temperatures (feels like) less than 15 degrees

Emails are not sent to announce the Inclement Weather Drop and Go, but we know parents will use the above guidelines to make the decision. Thank you for your assistance!