AES Continues as a Green School

Fri, 05/06/2022 - 10:04am

It's official...Atholton has successfully qualified as Maryland Green School at the highest possible level, known as Sustainable. This award has been 14 years in the making, so it was quite a treat to be informed of the good news on the evening of Earth Day. To become a certified Maryland Green School, a rigorous set of standards must be documented, to include environmental instruction throughout the school, student-driven best-management practices to promote sustainability, environmental staff professional learning, school-wide environmental celebrations/events, and partnership with the community to carry out our goals. We began this mission in 2007, receiving our first certification and Green School flag in 2009. The following three certifications would be awarded, through rigorous application, every four years, documenting four years of Green School activity per application. Check out our incredible Green School application, which electronically documents years 2010 through 2022. 2007 through 2009 were captured in hard copy through two 4-inch, magnificent binders of documentation. As you peruse our electronic application, you will see years and years of dedication to incorporating Green School values at AES, serving as a model for our community. Did you know we have a beautiful native garden? Have you been to our outdoor classroom? Did you know we raise and release Trout and Monarch butterflies every year? Have you seen the amazing recycled sculptures our students create each year for America Recycles Day? Has your family participated in Bike to School Day? Has your child been involved in a scout troop that volunteers to support our Green School? Did you know we have student recyclers at AES? We have countless examples of the work we continue to do to support our amazing Green School. Thank you for your support over the years. Our work is not yet done. We will forge on to ensure Atholton continues to operate with the environment in mind. And though our next application, four years from now, will look a little different from what we have submitted previously, we will still be held accountable by the Maryland Association of Environmental Outdoor Education for the Green School efforts we make. Congratulations on Sustainability, Atholton!

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Drawing Winners
Atholton received 261 student scavenger hunts after this year's Earth Day Week. Way to go, green Panthers! Four drawing winners were announced and awarded on Tuesday this week. Congratulations to Bryce in 3rd grade, who won an adorable plush sea turtle with a shell that unzips to show its three little baby sea turtles. Other winners, who received youth sets of binoculars, were Amen and Layla in 2nd grade, and Korra in Pre-K. Thank you for participating in the Earth Day scavenger hunt!